Navigating Through Covid-19

The Coronavirus pandemic is causing travel restrictions and other disruptions that have a direct impact our lives and on the travel and film sector in Georgia and beyond. Nobody can know the extent of the impact that the Coronavirus pandemic may have the film industry so our focus is on how we can best support our stakeholders including homeowners, guests, and production companies in the communities in which we operate. InFocusPlus was founded with the purpose of strengthening our communities which we need now more than ever.


Production Companies & Industry Professionals

If your plans include filming in Georgia, NYC or the Hudson Valley in 2020, we encourage you to preview the hundreds of on-site filming locations and private homes you can lease for your cast and crew. We’re ready now in Atlanta and we’ll be ready in the Hudson Valley by the time you head back to the set. If you don’t see what you want, call or email us and we’ll find it. Hundreds of homes and locations (both residential and commercial) are ready in Atlanta. We’ve finished our proof of concept year supporting multiple production companies and we’re expanding our services this year to nine cities in the US, Canada and abroad.

We are updating our policies and taking proper precautions to ensure a safe and healthy experience for you and your production team.


Business is still ongoing but in a different sort of way. Production companies are still reviewing properties for on location filming and short-term occupancy during the pre-production period – albeit from their home base in LA or NY. offers production companies and homeowners the unique online platform to assist in those efforts. If you are a homeowner and you have other properties where revenues are at risk of being disrupted – add those properties to our website. If you know someone whose revenue streams may be impacted as well – call them or send us their contact information. We’ll explain the process of placing a free ad and maybe as a community we can help each other.


Stay safe, stay well and stay in touch. Community matters.

The Safe Way Forward

A joint report of the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, and Teamsters’ Committees for COVID-19 Safety Guidelines.