Southern Charm with this historic Townhome in Downtown Savannah
in what is arguably one of the best locations as it is so close to Downtown.

Tri-Level townhome
Tall Ceilings, Hardwoods
3 bed
3 bath
Huge Master Suite and Modern Kitchen
Minimum 6-month term required
Price reflects for an unfurnished townhome
-Can be fully furnished for an additional fee, inquire with InFocusPlus

Additional Details

  • First/Last Name of person entering this ad *:bruce ebersman
  • Email Address of person entering this ad *
  • Is this an agent submission? *:No
  • Agent Name (if different than above):Amy Fuchs and Jen Falk
  • Agent
  • Agent Phone:404.439.1031
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  • Property Street Address *:407 e Hull St.
  • Property City *:Savannah
  • Property State *:GA
  • Property Zip/Postal Code *:30054
  • Property Country *:United States
  • Property Owner’s Name *:bruce ebersman
  • Property Owner’s Email *
  • Property Owner’s Phone *:978 649 6500
  • Would you like us to contact the property owner directly with opportunities or contact the agent first?:Contact Property Owner
  • Your Fee for Monthly Short-Term Rentals *:$5000 per month for housing
  • Does this price include the IFP 10% fee?:Yes
  • Is this property also listed on AirBnB? *:Yes
  • Is this property also listed on VRBO? *:Yes
  • Is this property also listed on other platforms? If yes, which ones?:($4500 net to property owner)
  • Number of Bedrooms *:3
  • Number of Bathrooms *:3
  • View:City
  • Property Faces:North
  • Pets Allowed? *:I would consider 1 small pet with additional deposit required
  • Elevator:No
  • Access:Narrow Street
  • Basement:No
  • Sleeps Up To *:6
  • In Suite Washer/Dryer:Yes
  • Gym Access:No Gym--Sorry!
  • Home Type:Traditional
  • Year Built:2007

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