If you are looking for a house that has everything and more then look no further because this is it. Please continue to read as I take you through a complete tour of your next movie set. Imagine walking up to a grand archway modern home with purple up lighting and walking through an all glass double door. As you walk into the foyer and greeted by an amazing crystal Chandelier you could look to the right and enter our full-service bar lounge and relax while watching your favorite game or show. If you turn to the left you could stop by and play a game of pool. As you walk straight ahead you will pass by our full bathroom on the right and to the left our inspirational steps (we will come back here soon). Further ahead you will approach our beautiful open floor plan overlooking another crystal chandelier and our navy blue and white living room with a fireplace and an amazing double island kitchen with top of the line appliances and a wine butler room for a glass of Pinot Griego. Right across from the kitchen is our open keeping room snuggled by plush seating and another fireplace. Please go through the double glass doors and step out onto our nautica theme patio deck and take a seat and enjoy our grill, fireplace and outdoor eating lounge. As we head down stairs you will be greeted by the marque lights as you pass through our game room and enter of our state of the arts movie room. Pop some popcorn, pick up the remote and enjoy your favorite movie on us. There are 2 large bedrooms, a full bathroom, Prayer Room with chaise, dim lights and a waterfall with the sounds of gospel music playing in the background. As you place your finger into our finger pad ID lock you will enter every teenager dream room suite. It’s a full bedroom with crystal lighting. Pass through the sneaker room lounge and enter your favorite walk-in closet room boutique. Last but not least once you go back up the stair and head to the third floor please read our extremely tall prayer black wall with white letters. You are now at the top so enjoy our makeup studio/ bedroom with private bathroom, our fully finished turquoise room with walk-in closet, jack and Jill bathroom and our fully furnished Pink room. Pass by our large laundry room and enter our large master bedroom and sitting room. Enter our oasis glass bathroom with double headed shower and our amazing custom walk-in closet. Thank you for taking this tour with us and we can’t wait to do business with you.

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  • First/Last Name of person entering this ad *:Sharaya Romero
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  • Is this an agent submission?:No
  • Agent Name (if different than above):Gina Lemorin
  • Agent Email/Phone:404-510-8319
  • Property Address / City / State / Zip *:7136 Treveno Place Locust Grove GA, 30248
  • View:Creek/River, Lake/Ocean, Golf Course
  • Elevator:No
  • Access:Wide Street
  • Gym Access:Gym in community
  • Year Built:2017

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