Your script is our business plan.

Here to provide productions with Onsite Film Locations and Short-Term Housing for cast and crew.

We’re experts in real estate and specialists in pivoting in an instant. To do that well, you must have a team of professionals from photographers to research gurus and lots and lots of community connections. Let us put our infrastructure to work for you today. We work with local property owners to provide Onsite Film Locations options and Short-Term Housing for cast and crew.

Browse our inventory here on our site and contact us with inquiries or questions.

Community Engagement

Our goal is to strengthen the community between neighborhoods and the Entertainment Industry. No matter the size or the budget of your project, InFocusPlus is here to service your production needs and generate goodwill within the community. Whether helping you with your parking needs or developing excitement and encouragement throughout the entire production process, we assist in engaging the community and strengthening your support system.

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