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Property Owners FAQs

Go to the home page and click on Get Started. Create an Account. Follow the prompts to describe your property and upload up to 10 photos. After you Click Submit an InFocus representative will approve the ad and it will then be visible to the public on Ads are generally approved in 24 hours or sooner.

You can select to advertise your property for short-term housing, on-site filming or both. You can come back and change your advertisement at any time.

We highly recommend that you hire a professional photographer. Entertainment professionals have a small window to visit properties so the better the photos the better chance of your property being leased or scouted. We recommend you use professional photos and 10 is plenty. Click on the link to our Preferred Partner Virtuance and get 10 HD Photos for $119 and you can schedule your photo shoot on line. It is easy:

InFocusPlus reserves the right to edit/delete any image or photo.

Yes and No:
It is absolutely free to place a property ad on and only takes a few minutes. Once the ad is approved you can be considered for one or more of the hundreds of Opportunities InFocusPlus receives each year.
If a contract is executed and the property owner makes money then InFocusPlus, or affiliated broker, is paid a 10% fee by the property owner.

The production company will issue a COI – Certificate of Insurance – to cover any damages if there are any. However, we always recommend speaking to your insurance provider prior to accepting any contracts.

We provide general guidelines for expectations for leasing fees on the InFocusPlus Fees Page of this website.

If you secure an On-Site Film shoot you will work directly with the production company and sign their contract. If you secure Short-Term Housing tenant then a licensed Realtor will provide GAR contracts and negotiate terms with you. For On-site Filming Locations production will provide the Location Agreement and Certificate of Insurance. For Short Term Rentals a suggested lease with special stipulations geared toward the Entertainment Industry will be provided.

You may edit and/or remove your ad at any time. We do not presently have the functionality of a calendar for you to set your property availability. If a tenant or perspective production company is interested in seeing your home you will be contacted to confirm availability and acceptable terms. If your property is booked for a longer period of time we can mark it leased until “insert date” please simply send an email to with your InFocusPlus ID number or address and the next available date and we will update the property ad for you and take it down when the date passes.

InFocusPlus is happy to review your property information, including a home visit and suggest the appropriate price range for your home. But you are ultimately responsible for the final decision.

No. Your ad is not exclusive to InFocusPlus. You may work with any additional companies you like. However, if you need some help or advice when approached please contact us at 404.439.1031 and we will be happy to assist you.

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