The perfect spot for your Retro Shot – We have shelves of VHS for the perfect backdrop.

2,000 square feet, with floor to ceiling windows on 2 sides..presenting now DVD/Blu-Ray, but we have access to an abundant VHS collection…Double door entry and parking lot on site. Contact us via InFocusGa.Com by clicking the “contact me” info next to this ad.  Happy Filming.

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  • First/Last Name of person entering this ad *:Matt Booth
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  • Is this an agent submission?:No
  • Agent Name (if different than above):Patrizia WInsper helped us
  • Property Address / City / State / Zip *:617 North Highland Ave Ga 30306
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  • View:City
  • Property Faces:South
  • Elevator:No
  • Access:Wide Street
  • Gym Access:No Gym--Sorry!
  • Year Built:1975

1 Review for Atlanta’s Video Store – The perfect place to film


1 Reviews

Nostalgic and Hip Vibe – Last Video Store Standing!

5/ 5

I met with Matt today to see this possible video store location for myself. He was super personable and helpful, and his eclectic video store did not disappoint. It was flooded with natural light pouring in from two walls of floor to ceiling windows. Shades on every window allow for as much or as little light as one could wish for. Old movie posters and fun, iconic figurines of all sizes, like Darth Vader, added to its nostalgic charm. I suppose I was surprised by the customers steaming in throughout the course of our conversation, either looking for, or returning rented videos. Who knew there were so many fans of the old school video store still around? When people asked for help and/or suggestions, Matt was more than able to help them find just the right thing. They’ve been at it since 1998, and their experience and love for movies is evident. The double door entrance is a great feature to allow for equipment and lighting to be moved in and out as needed. An ample on-site parking lot in the middle of the bustling city is definitely a plus.

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