Welcome to Buford! Located minutes from Lake Lanier and Margaritaville! Stay in this stunning newly renovated hideaway located very close to area attractions. Filled with natural light and modern decor, and on private lot, nestled next to 50 acres of empty land just beyond the back yard. Assigned parking for you on the property. Home away from home!
3 Bedroom / sleeps up to 10 / 3 Bath / over 50 acre / Sorry no pets

Given the coronavirus outbreak, I have a moderate cancellation policy and will make every effort to work with our guests to accommodate their needs during this challenging time. This property is professionally cleaned with disinfectant between each guest stay and complies with the cleaning standards from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention).

All surfaces including floors will be professionally deep cleaned with paper towels (not cloth), Lysol 99.9% surface cleaner and Lysol spray, as well as a light bleach sanitizing solution. Bedding and linens will be washed with organic laundry detergent, as well as, a small amount of bleach for safety purposes. All plates, glasses, and silverware as well as other kitchenware will be removed and run through the dishwasher on the hottest cycle, even if unused.

I have dedicated a concierge service for any help or inquires needed 24 hours a day during your stay to assist with any questions related to updates or healthcare facilities or anything at all that you may need some extra help with while visiting Atlanta. Book now!!

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  • First/Last Name of person entering this ad *:Rich Munroe
  • Email Address of person entering this ad *:info@diamondedgeproperties.com
  • Is this an agent submission? *:No
  • Agent Name (if different than above):Amy Fuchs & Jen Falk
  • Agent Email:info@diamondedgeproperties.com
  • Agent Phone:770-790-0013
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  • Property Street Address *:2846 Friendship Rd
  • Property City *:Buford
  • Property State *:GA
  • Property Zip/Postal Code *:30519
  • Property Country *:United States
  • Property Owner’s Name *:Diamond Edge
  • Property Owner’s Email *:info@diamondedgeproperties.com
  • Property Owner’s Phone *:770-790-0013
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  • Your Fee for Monthly Short-Term Rentals *:$4600
  • Does this price include the IFP 10% fee?:Yes
  • Is this property also listed on AirBnB? *:Yes
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  • Number of Bedrooms *:3
  • Number of Bathrooms *:3
  • View:Woods
  • Property Faces:East
  • Pets Allowed? *:Sorry! No pets
  • Elevator:No
  • Access:Wide Street
  • Basement:No
  • Sleeps Up To *:10
  • In Suite Washer/Dryer:Yes
  • Gym Access:No Gym--Sorry!
  • Home Type:Traditional
  • Year Built:1965