Unmatched Urban Luxury Downtown

InFocus Atlanta 342

Downtown Convenience with Luxury Vibes $4500 for monthly housing

Luxury Urban Oasis

InFocus Atlanta 343

Modern Renovation in Heart of the City / $4000 per month for housing

Trendy West End 1920’s bungalow

InFocus West End 346

Adorable home with beautiful high ceilings in great location

1950’s Duplex with style

InFocus Decatur 348

Enjoy the best that Atlanta has to offer in this beautiful neighborhood nestled in the trendy Decatur neighborhood

Charming House with Separate Apartment

InFocus Stone Mtn 332

Stone Mountain/Atlanta with gardens / $9500 per month

East Point Casa

InFocus East Point 324

East Point Me Rojo Casa Minutes From Downtown

Nestled Hideaway

InFocus Atlanta 326

Modern Nestled Hideaway Close To Downtown

A Peachy Pad

InFocus Atlanta 317

Drift Off To Sleep In The Elegant Sleigh Bed At A Peachy Pad

Ponce City Apartment

InFocus Atlanta 318

Ponce City Apartment In The ❤️ Of Midtown

Upscale One Bedroom

InFocus Atlanta 319

Upscale One Bed Apartment In A Perfect Location

Suburban Country Club

InFocus Fulton Cty 297

Full Amenity Club With Stunning Lake and Club Scenes

Luxyry Lease in Conyers

Totally Luxurious Private Suite

InFocus Conyers 248

Top Notch - Film Industry Housing Host $1800 per month

Suburban American Dream

InFocus Peachtee Corners 147

A little bit Retro - A little bit Modern

Retro Style Cottage for Filming

InFocus Dunwoody 040

Privacy, Comfort, Close to the City